Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Newness

I am moved. I am now The Cedar Room. You will note that I am now an org. Please visit.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Update Pt. III

Less than ten minutes until my first class. Spent an hour on iPod problem is worse than expected. Very dicey sitch right now. Will have to give Apple a call this afternoon and wail on them. I think the guy from Goodwill is in the class I'm about to go into. I always sit in the back of class on the first day.

It is so amazingly, astoundingly hot right now.


The Update Pt. II (Trapped In The of I)

Early reports from U of I are mixed. Paula picked me up this morning and I got my financial aid check without issue. Cashed it without issue. In other news, it is as though every air conditioning unit on the campus isn't working. Also, I just flipped on my iPod to find that a mishap on winamp this morning erased all my music.

My first class is less than an hour from now, in the Admin building, which is a steam bath. Howevs, my second class is in the totally fab Albertson's building.

Further updates over rest of the day. I am optimistic. My first class is going to rule. Right, Matt Yonke?

The Update

Just off to my first day of school. Just the tiniest bit excited.

New blog should launch by the end of the week with the help of I.E. Penguin. There will be an official domain name. Notes here to follow so you don't get lost.

For all you hipsters, Paula tells me that Royal Recycled Clothing in Pullman is going out of business and currently has 75% off everything left in their store. Own that.

Interestingly enough: this is now the third time in which my going back to school and the release of a new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club record have coincided by days. Howl is out tomorrow. If you haven't heard the single, hear the new single. Kevin Shields is way jealous.

Something with more substance very well might be on the way sometime soon. Reposting of Trinity Fest review and bird baptism articles on new blog.

May have initial observations on first day back at the University by the end of the day.

Love you all.

As the Real McCoy used to say, you better keep the faith and run away.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

So much solace in the truth that the righteous man's prayer avails much. Our prayers are in Jesus name, who is the most righteous Man.